These are subject to tweaking.

It’s Not a Daily, it’s a Sessionly: Daily powers are wiped every session, unless I otherwise say so (e.g. we start a fight and then we all have to leg it because of an anthrax attack on the guild)

Awesomeness Tokens: Awesomeness tokens are awarded to players for a variety of reasons, ranging from bringing food to being a complete and total badass. They can be spent (individually) on any one dice roll – whether that’s for attack, damage, a skill, whatever. They can also be cashed in to get a hint or tip if you’re a little stuck.

Rewards for Backstories: I like roleplaying, and this campaign isn’t going to be hack and slash – so I’m going to reward people for intriguing me with their characters. A decent backstory gets you an item of your level -1, a good one an item of your level, and a really awesome one an item of your level +1.

Plot hooks are good, but keep them vague:

Bad: My character’s sister wants to kill him. Here’s a character sheet with all her details on, a map of her house in the Shadowfell, and a complete listing of all her minions.
Good: My character has “family issues”.

The more you give me to work within, the easier it is for me to do awesome things you might not expect. Give me plot hooks, not plot harpoons.

No ‘Chaotic Jerk’ characters. Characters which would casually defect to the enemy would essentially wreck the point of the campaign. Ruthless self interest is fine, a penchant for torture is fine, etc – just don’t betray the rest of the party.
No ‘Lawful Stupid’ characters. Be a knight in shining armour, but don’t decide to charge into the rest of the party if they want to pick a lock.
No hybrids. Too many rules to keep track of, and potentially awkward combos of at-will powers. Multiclassing is A-OK however.
No Auspicious Birth or Born Under a Bad Sign backgrounds (the one that lets you use your highest ability score to determine HP) – otherwise EVERYONE will take it and it’s pointless to have a ‘feat choice’ at first level.

I always reserve the right to say no.


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