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Introduction – IC

The Fundament: a D&D campaign of action, intrigue, and philosophy. What motivates a villain? What drives a hero forward? Can the righteous will hope to overcome that which threatens to annihilate existence itself?

Introduction – OOC

Evening Session at the McAustland Lounge, RPGSoc.

Don’t forget to check the Houserules page.

Setting: Eberron, 100 years after the dates in the EPG. Eberron is my backdrop; knowledge of the setting is not required. I’ll have the EPG on hand every week if you want to read up – I may also lend it out between weeks. I may invent bits and pieces for the campaign, change stuff around, and allow creative player input – if you have an idea, throw it my way.
Starting Level: 11. Paragon Path should be picked.
Starting Wealth: 5000gp in addition to 1 magic item of your level -1, one magic item of your level, one magic item of your level +1.

Themes: Morality, motivation, the heroic ideal, flawed characters.
Campaign Style: Not purely combat. There will be extensive skill challenges, puzzles, and downtime sections for party interaction – I might make a small webforum for people to have “campfire chats” between sessions.

The Fundament